“Life Full Of Colors”

Having somewhere to go is Home…Having someone to Love is Family… Having Both is a Blessing!


Hi there! My name is Alana, a wife and a mom at 24 who’s living a colorful life.

Let me tell you the colors of my life.

I am an only girl in the family and also the youngest.  I always love pink, it symbolizes me being romantic, passionate and feminine.  I also like purple and that’s me being arrogant (honestly yes! at times!), childish and always imaginative.  Thoughts just run crazy inside my head, I think too much of rose colored glasses (sigh…).  There are even times that  I found myself lost inside my own thoughts and blacked out (yeah! crazy right? lol!).  Anyway,  I can say that my younger years were as bright as the sunshine, full of energy, fun and excitement.  I was brought up pampered and indulged. My parents did a good job on providing me with all of my needs and most of  my wants. I was such a crazy misfit during my younger years doing insane crazy things but my brother was still there to protect and guide me in whatever I do. My family were always there, ready to calm my blue waves of tantrums.

Unfortunately, my colors faded and started to darken as night during my college years. Family issues came punching me right on my face. I was caught off guard and was shocked. Well, that’s the thing about being confronted with out of the blue circumstances. It doesn’t just confront you with pain, it also confronts you with the black side of the inevitable reality.  However, this turn around on our family became an eye-opener, my wake-up call, it help me became stronger and more mature. During those rough times, I served as my family’s strength. While they were weakened by the situation, I was their gray defense. Yet, as what the great song said “Don’t worry about a thing, coz’ every little thing’s gonna be alright”, indeed, there will always be a rainbow after a rain. We Survived! Mom had to go abroad to work, my brother had his own family, I graduated College, passed the Licensure Exam, got married, became pregnant, and now a happy mom and a happy wife (yes! at 24!).

Yes, it can be frustrating trying to make something fancy colored out of this black and white existence when life just can’t stop throwing punches at you every now and then. But if you have the faith and the determination to fight for everything you want, you’ll beat the odds no matter how impossible they seem. Though sometimes you think you have no control over the situation, you certainly can control how you face it. You can just sit and be black and blue or you can stand, fight and paint those circumstances with colors of victory. So, if life is punching and kicking you at the same time, don’t just sit down and take it, stand up, and fight back, for you alone have the power to turn the colors in your favor.Fight back with flying colors. Remember, Nothing is black or white. Even frog has its color, so lets appreciate life. Your life colors depends on how you deal with it. It may be fierce as red, bright as yellow, calm as green, sad as blue or even tickled as pink!

Trust me, I know! 🙂