About Me

This is the page where I tell you a little about myself. Well, let’s see…

I have a weakness for pretty dresses. I love pizza…like, REALLY love pizza! with pineapples on it! I am a mother of 1 (he’s turning 3 yrs. old this May, 2015). His name is Travis. I am a Registered Nurse by profession. I love to cook, I can’t walk by an aisle of cookbooks in a store without buying at least one.

My nickname as a kid was Kikay…my Grandpa still calls me that. My husband is a Seafarer.His name is Timothy. He’s a year older than me.  We both love to travel and to try new stuff for adventures. We also both love the beach!. Hmmm…what else? Oh, I won’t refuse chocolate either. I can devour a box of chocolate in just few minutes and will suffer from an Asthma attack after LOL! 🙂

I am enjoying the world of internet…It connects me to most of my family who were abroad. I  also find it very exciting to meet and share with new people this way.

So there you have it. A few little facts about me. I hope you find something you like here. Let’s have fun sharing experiences! Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!


– The Blogger, the son, and the husband… 🙂

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